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How to ascertain that your online date is possibly an online fraud

Searching through the grave waters of online dating can be an intricate task, without having the slightest idea that the person you're dating is nothing but a mirage. This realization automatically leads to the end of such a relationship. The increasing popularity of online dating has led to severe heartbreaks in most cases with unsuspecting victims falling prey to scammers who pose as different persons or even impersonate models, celebrities etc just to lure innocent victims into an online relationship with the sole purpose of defrauding them, though some people hardly believe that someone can have a relationship with a nonexistent individual but it occurs most of the times.These scammers initiate such relationships sometimes for a number of reasons and go extra miles such as exploiting or manipulating their victims to achieve their aim. They also implore several tactics to make these relationships last long enough to earn the trust of their victims to enable them perpetrate their dastard act so that when the relationship eventually ends, it leaves the victim with tragic emotional and financial consequences. Scammers act for a range of reasons - from lonesomeness to passion or vengeance. They may be driven by a desire to pilot someone else's life, to extort money from a victim, to do harm - or to pursue a variety of other purposes. In other evil circumstances, sexual addicts or stalkers can try to exploit this online anonymity to engage with their victimsScammers can strike people from all walks of life and it's easy to ridicule the victims. But the damage done is real. Common sense does not always apply when it comes to matters of the heart. However, there are some signs to help you determine if your online date is actually an online scam, one of the ways is to ask our online date to do a skype call so you can see this person visually. Your Date Looks Like a CelebrityOnline dating scams often start with a good-looking person getting in touch through social media or dating sites. A common thread that often runs through these scams is that they use photos of actors, public figures, the rich and famous. Sometimes scammers also use attractive profile pictures to crunch into the victim and build a desire to meet the pretended person in real life.If the online picture looks overly suspicious, then it’s trouble-free to check the authenticity of the image with a reverse image search which can indicate if the profile picture has been used elsewhere on the internet. This works even if the photo was stolen from an account of an arbitrarily chosen person. Self-esteem is paramount, but caution should be implored when you are suddenly contacted by an actor for a date.

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