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Scammers scared of Skype

If you do not take anything else out of this article, this may be the most important finding: The question everyone poses when talking about a scam story “Have they never heard of Skype?”There is one thing that is regular to all scammers in dating scams: they are reluctant to talk on Skype, pretend not to know about Skype or use a webcam for video chats. This should be the signal to make the victims back off.. Sms, instant messages or even phone calls are alright, but what's difficult about having a video call? Except the other party has skeletons in his/her closetFraud victims usually report that the other person has always found new excuses why they could not step in front of the camera. The reason is clear, they are not who they say they are as they are different from what the profile picture portrays and do not want to be identified, as this could lead to legal implications.

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