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Simple Ways to Avoid Your Personal Data From Being Stolen

In a growing world of technology at a fast and increased pace which is a good thing, we also face the downside and which is data theft where a person’s personal information is stolen to be used for illegitimate purposes, asides from that everyone needs to protect their devices from hackers using Trojans and phishers. Below are ways in which you can secure your devices: 1. Bios Password: Data can also be stolen by having physical access to the devices carrying data that can be used for illegitimate purposes, so you need to create a Bios Password to prevent access to your computer if it’s a computer.2. System Password: Creating a system password keeps physical access on the watch so unauthorized persons cannot have access to our data. On mobile devices there are pin code, pattern security or fingerprints which can help secure your mobile device physically.3. Be careful of websites you visit: Obviously some sites are coded with Trojans that can steal your information such as passwords, forms you fill out such as payment forms or gateways. Some site are setup for phishing purposes and the steal your information.4. Don’t Open suspicious mails, attachments or links: These are also platforms by which you get vulnerable to data theft, they may contain malwares, viruses like Trojan that gets into your device when you click on them and get them in to your system, then they cause so much damage or lag in our systems performance.5. Get an Antivirus: There are several good antivirus software like Norton by Symantec and McAfee by McAfee LLC, they can be very effective to help you detect and clean our device or PC from viruses, malwares or Trojans in the case where your device is already affected and is being used to harvest your personal documents and information.In Summary be vigilant and cautious about how you give physical access to your devices and also download good antivirus software such as the Norton and McAfee security suites.

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