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Ways by Which Your PC or Mobile Device Can Get A Virus Or Malware, (Get an Antivirus)

Mobile users likewise PC users must have faced this sort of challenge at one time or another. Where users are been conned into downloading files like documents, music, apps and even games which turn out to be a Virus or malware that takes over the users device either corrupting and damaging files or steal personal information of the user.Computer viruses and even malwares have been a plague to PC and mobile users for many years now, triggering companies to install every kind of firewall protection and also makes individuals to spend hundreds of dollars each year on keeping their security software updated.
With the trend of mobile phones outshining desktops and laptops as the mobile device help users use them for almost everything from taking photos to managing their day to day activities to even workingout, viruses and hackers will always strife to find new hunting grounds, and antivirus software companies will continue to provide and transform their mobile virus protection software.
Here below are ways your mobile or PC device can pick up a virus:
1. The Web – The Internet are probably the easiest way for your PC and cell phone to get infected by a virus. Finding an interesting movie or document you desire to download Beware! You have no idea what could be coded into those files. So if your computer or mobile device is not protected by a good antivirus software, you will likely get more than just the movie or document you downloaded. Antivirus protection software scans every file downloaded and creates a report. If the file triggers a red flag, the application will place it into a quarantine section. Here, you can see a damage report and decide if you want to delete the infected item or proceed with the download.
2. Downloading Apps – Apps sometimes would pose as a threat as some may require access to our location, contact list, photos and more, so you can never tell if there is a code of malware present in the app unless you have installed a good antivirus to scan the app. The best antivirus protection software scans every app before it is fully downloaded to your smartphone and produces a report detailing any threats the app may pose.
3. Connecting USB to different devices – If you go camping with lots of people at camp with different contagious diseases you stand a chance to contact some of these diseases. The same concept is true any time you connect your smartphone to your computer via USB. If your computer has a virus and your phone is not protected, it will get the malware, too. The best antivirus software such as Norton or McAfee completes real-time, scheduled and on-demand scans, each digging deep to find anything that doesn't belong. The scans include USB connections and any information passed between your smartphone and computer.
4. Bluetooth Connection--Bluetooth-enabled phones and connections are also a major pathway for viruses. Like the human cold or flu viruses, Bluetooth phones can infect one another by simply being in the same vicinity. Therefore when purchasing antivirus software for your phone or PC, make sure it specifically states that it monitors your Bluetooth connection in real time.
As more and more users use their PC, Smartphone or devices to store their personal and sensitive information, the tendency for hackers to create dangerous viruses and other malware will continue to increase. Even now, smartphones and PCs are a primary target for malicious code. Protect yourself now and download a reliable antivirus such as the Norton antivirus software or McAfee antivirus software. In less than 10 minutes, you can download super strong PC and mobile security software to shield your phone and data, like the Norton or McAfee software.

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